Missing GPTs and GPT Recovery

Hi folks! I am missing a GPT. Is there any way to recover them? The URL was: https://chat.openai.com/g/g-2z2mDEeZ2-gpt-genius

It would be nice to have a period of time to recover your GPTs before they’re deleted permanently.


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I recommend reaching out to support!

I currently see “GPT inaccessible or not found.” which may indicate the gizmo has been 404’d

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My GPT has risen from the dead!

I did reach out to support and got an automated response asking for more info. But before I could provide it the GPT was back. I suspect they fixed the GPT when they pushed the new “:eye:Public” and “:lock:Only Me” tags to the “MyGPTs” page.

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Got the same problem but my GPT hasn’t appeared back since. It’s been two week since it dissapeared.

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I’ve same problem but the GPT is disappear from all chats and from my own account