Microsoft OAuth doesn't work with work accounts

I am unable to login with Microsoft using OAuth and my work account. Similar to the thread here: (can’t post links) (community . openai . com/ t /chatgpt-login-with-microsoft-work-account/ 334076:

It tells me the account doesn’t exist. It seems pretty clear this is trying to use a personal account login NOT a work/school account login, and therefore it thinks the account doesn’t exist (or something along these lines). Normally with OAuth i get asked to choose if i want to use a personal account or a work/school account. This doesn’t do that.

Seems to me this issue is because they are using login .live .com for oauth instead of login .microsoftonline .com.

The latter has the context of work/school accounts, the former seems not to.

This is also a problem for us regardless because we changed our work emails address to be managed by microsoft instead of Google. But I can’t login with any microsoft account anyways, since it says my original authentication was done with google. There really needs to be a way to change authentication methods from the one that was originally used to sign up.