Meet Giga Tutor : Your Friendly New Learning Companion ( You Can install Giga Tutor at chat GPT plugin store)

We’re excited to share something we’ve been quietly working on. It’s called Giga, a humble idea that sprouted from our own experiences and struggled with learning. Our aim is simple - we want to make learning easier and more tailored for everyone.

Traditional learning methods often try to fit everyone into the same mold, which we found can sometimes be a bit limiting. Each one of us has our own pace, our own style, and our own path to understanding things. This is where Giga hopes to make a difference.

Demo Videos: Here
Here’s what Giga offers:

  1. Custom Learning Paths: We aim to guide you on a learning journey that suits you best. Whether it’s preparing for an interview or understanding a complex topic, we’re here to help you find your way.
  2. Adaptive Tutoring: Our AI tutor is designed to adapt to you. It considers your learning pace, the depth of understanding you’re looking for, your preferred way of communication, and even your tone preferences. Whether you like a Socratic learning method, prefer layman’s terms, or enjoy textbook-style explanations, we’re here to adjust to your style.

We’re only just starting, knowing much to learn and improve. We’re currently an unverified plugin, but we’ve applied for verification and eagerly await it. We’ve also prepared some demo videos to give you a better idea of what Giga can do.

If you’ve ever felt this learning struggle or are curious to try a different approach to learning, we’d love for you to join us.

We promise to listen closely to your feedback and strive to make Giga a helpful companion on your learning journey.

What are the biggest pain points you face while learning? Got any feedback on the demo? Please comment on them.

We promise to address them if it is in our scope by the next update. We really want to know if we are solving a real problem or a tarpit idea. Any feedback would be highly appreciated.

With gratitude
Varun Vummadi
Co-founder, Giga


Hey Varun, great work with Giga. Is the pl

i am not able to log in on the giga tutor app, please guide on how to do so.

Hi edris It seems like other part of your message is missing can you finish it so that I can help you?

Have you already created a account (registered/signup ) are you facing a problem with login option ?

I have a question, where can I download your app or what’s the website of this?
Love this idea and really looking forward to using it!!

First finish the signup and then login using the same credentials user name and password even then if you are unable to login. Can you please help me with your user name I will see what I can do

We are building an website (it turned out to be lot complex than we intially imagined ).I will definitely ping you once we go live out website is We will be launching soon thanks a lot for the interest looking forward for the feed back.

I am facing an issue with the login credentials, i am not avle to click on register button or login with Google!


@varunvummadi how long, since you submitted your application, did it take you to get verified?

Ey! What’s the Giga Tutor App? Where is it available?

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Hello Varun! I totally love this idea and I would like to support and help you. Is there any way I can contact you?


Awesome initiative, I’ll surely try it!!

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I just recently signed up to the subscription of GPT and found the Giga Tutor plugin, I have to say it’s very very good!! I just want to say a huge congrats!! What it can offer in combination with GPT is such a huge step forward with learning.

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Hello!! I am very excited that this plugin here. I started to create something like Giga. My students and I were developing a telegram tutor bot on gpt. But Giga is much better. I have a few ideas that I would like to develop in the same direction. Can I join your team? Who should I write to?

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Sure Can I get your email ? Your feed back would be super helpful

Sure if you have any feed back please mail me at are you up for a quick meet if you can give us feed back we will make sure to solve it


I will let you know, I am currently studying Crestron Programming through it and I will see how I get on and let you know if I have any feedback.

Sure you can contact me on you can text me sorry for the late reply I had an family emergency

[quote=“varunvummadi, post:20, topic:215545, full:true”]
Sure you can contact me on you can text me sorry for the late reply I had an family emergency

Anyone having issues using Giga tutor today?