CreatiCode Scratch Plugin - Enable ChatGPT for Block-Based Coding

Hi everyone, we are proud to present our plugin “CreatiCode Scratch” to the community. This plugin helps ChagGPT to display block-based programs as images and learn to use new blocks in the CreatiCode extensions.


MIT Scratch is the de-facto first programming language for 2D animations for almost every K-12 student today around the world. The CreatiCode platform inherits the simple block syntax and web-based project sharing from MIT Scratch, and further allows students to explore many cool technologies that make learning to code fun and meaningful, such as 3D game engine (based on Babylon.js), Artificial Intelligence (ChatGPT, DALL-E, Speech Recognition, Body/Hand Detection, etc) and Augmented Reality, etc.

Since ChatGPT does not know how to display block-based programs, it usually uses pseudocode to represent Scratch programs. This plugin helps ChagGPT convert these programs into images, which are much easier to read for Scratch leaners and teachers.

In addition, ChatGPT can query this plugin to “learn” how to use newly defined blocks on the spot, and then make use of them to write programs or answer questions.

We expect this plugin to become a great teaching/learning aid for K-12 STEM teachers and students. Here are some example prompts to try it out:

  1. Draw a star with pen


2. Draw a colorful rose with ovals

3. Create a 3D table

4. create a chat app using chatgpt

5. show me how to use clone id


6. show me an example of using clones


Upcoming Features:

  1. Link to the project in the CreatiCode playground, so you can start running or changing the program generated by ChatGPT
  2. Handling more complex requests

Congrats on the launch!

How did the process go for you? (About to dip my toes into the plug-in pond…)

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One of the most required and very important plugin for juniors to get involved in software development early. Well done!

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Thanks. The overall process is mostly about writing a very big prompt (if you already have the API).

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Love your plugin! It looks really clever. How did you get ChatGPT to generate your blocks?

@mollusk Thanks! We have to teach ChatGPT the syntax for writing Scratch programs. It already knows some but its code is not always consistent.

Is there a standard textual syntax for Scratch programs? sb3 files are binary.

And isn’t it the case that ChatGPT has seen millions of Python and JavaScript programs but nowhere near as many Scratch programs? Or if all ChatGPT knows about the Scratch syntax is from the prompt is that enough to come close to the quality of Python or JavaScript programs that ChatGPT can generate?

There is no standard syntax for Scratch, so when ChatGPT generates pseudocode for Scratch it can use different syntax at different times.

As you said, ChatGPT can’t parse any Scratch project directly, so we believe it has only seen pseudocode on other websites that other people write to represent Scratch. But that should be enough for it to understand how it works.

On top of that, CreatiCode Scratch introduces many new tools, such as blocks for debugging, 3D, AI and AR projects. These are mostly published after the Sep 2021 cutoff, so we have to teach ChatGPT how to use them.

Where is the download? The button is not working.

Hi there, we are still working on generating a new project link so that you can run it in our playground at directly. Please stay tuned!