Mailbot using GPTAPI to reply to emails

Hi, I am planning to connect GPTAPI to a company mailbox using IMAP and Python scripts. Mailbot will only answer “simple” questions that our clients keep asking us over the course of days/months/years. The idea is that I will give GPT model scenarios and documents that will serve as e-mail attachments in case of some answers. If anyone has any ideas on how to implement it, improve it, etc., please feel free to write, I will be happy for any idea.

I took off 2 weeks from work and built up 900 emails that I would have normally completed in those 2 weeks. nuff said, im over it!

Today I am starting to build “agents” through automating workflows to handle every type of emails and phone calls for lead conversions and project management.

If your working on this as well maybe we can collaborate and help each other as it sounds like we have the same goal in mind.

Hello, certainly. Currently, I’m in the phase where I have successfully connected to the API and am communicating with the bot through the CLI. Now I’m trying to integrate it with the email inbox from which the bot will take queries.