Can gpt-3 send emails

I was talking about cryptocurrency with gpt and it suggested that I interview it next week to see how much it has grown and I asked it to email me so I don’t forget can it do that it said it can


GPT-3 is very optimistic about its capabilities. It will try to pop by for visit at your place if you let it.


I have GPT-3 hooked up to send me emails with results of completions. There are Python and JS libraries to connect to gmail & other IMAP services.


I have experimented with this, but I havent had any success. I have not gotten any email from gpt even though it has told me it’s going to send one eventually.

Dear Fred, could you please explain in detail how you managed to get GPT-3 to send emails?

GPT-3 generates text. GPT-3 cannot and does not “send email”.

You need an email client “outside of GPT” to send email.