macOS ChatGPT App Release vs Windows ChatGPT App - Feedback and Suggestions

Hello, OpenAI Community,

I want to start by acknowledging and appreciating OpenAI’s recent release of the ChatGPT app for macOS. This is a significant step forward, particularly for the many creative professionals, developers, and researchers who predominantly use Apple devices. Prioritizing macOS aligns well with serving a large segment of existing ChatGPT users who work on these platforms, and the decision to do so first is understandable, given the consistent hardware and software environments.

However, I would like to express some concerns and suggestions from the perspective of Windows users:

1. Waiting for Windows Version Until End of 2024

While it’s clear that macOS users greatly benefit from this release, waiting until the end of 2024 for a Windows version seems excessive. Windows has a diverse ecosystem, and a vast user base would significantly benefit from a dedicated desktop app. As a Windows user, I find it frustrating to be left without a desktop version for an extended period. Can OpenAI provide any updates or plans to expedite the Windows release potentially?

2. Voice Input in Browser Version

One of the critical features that many of us are looking for in the ChatGPT interface is voice input. Currently, the only workaround is the Whisper API, but this should ideally be a default feature in the browser version. Most desktops are equipped with microphones, so the absence of native voice input support is a considerable gap. Implementing this feature would greatly enhance usability and accessibility for a wider range of users.

  • Windows Version: Waiting until the end of 2024 feels too long. Any updates or plans to accelerate this?
  • Voice Input: The need for native voice input in the browser version is crucial. Could this be prioritized?

I hope these points provide constructive feedback for the development team. Enhancing these areas will undoubtedly improve the overall user experience for a broader audience. Thank you for considering these suggestions, and I look forward to any updates or responses.

Best regards,

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Where is the evidence that we are waiting until the end of 2024 for the above features?

If this is the case then as an avid user of GPT including GPT4o, I am greatly disappointed to hear this and can’t understand why you would treat Windows users (many of whom are overwhelmingly supporting in everything you are doing OpenAI) in such a way.

Edit: I have read that it will be delayed, but not until the end of 2024. I hope you are not right. I really want to see it sooner, like now.

Small feedback as I know it’s still being optimized: I’ve noticed that the response rate of the ChatGPT Mac app is slower compared to the web version. When I have both the Mac app and the browser open, if the Mac app is generating a long response, I often see the complete answer on the web after refreshing, while the Mac app is still “typing” the response.
MacOS14.5,M2Air,8/512,Version 1.2024.134 (1715807927)