Low Volume Issue on Voice Call Feature - Anyone Else?

Hello OpenAI community,

I wanted to discuss and seek feedback on the new voice call feature that’s been rolled out. Firstly, kudos to the team for integrating this feature - it has the potential to significantly enhance our user experience. However, I’ve been facing a specific issue that I wanted to share and check if anyone else is experiencing the same.

The main problem is with the call volume. Despite setting the volume of my device to its highest, the voice call through the OpenAI app remains conspicuously quiet. It’s definitely not an issue with my device since it works perfectly with other apps and functions.

Here’s what I’ve observed:

  1. Device Consistency: The low volume issue seems to be persistent regardless of the location or network I’m connected to.
  2. Comparison with Other Apps: When using other communication or media apps, the volume is loud and clear, which confirms that it isn’t a hardware issue.
    Is anyone else facing this low-volume problem? If so, it would be great to gather some feedback to possibly pinpoint the issue. Additionally, if anyone has found a workaround or solution, it would be highly appreciated.

Looking forward to hearing your experiences and insights.


I am having the exact same problem. Android 13, Samsung S22 Ultra.


I’m facing the same problem on iPhone, but not the iPad.

I have the same issue, but on my Android phone.

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I have a Samsung S22 ultra. I have this issue. I have turned up all my volumes so that the can be heard across the room in most apps but still cam barely hear ChatGPT.

I cant seem to find any lever that has a significant impact. Have restarted the phone and uninstalling and reinstalling the app. Now one issue is that I dont have Bluetooth headphones and perhaps this was only designed to be used with Bluetooth.

Definitely have the same issue. Galaxy device.

I’m having exactly the same issue with Google Pixel 7 Pro.

Same issue here, I have a Samsung S8 Active.

Same issue here galaxy fold 5
Tried installing a volume booster from the galaxy store, it made no difference

I found a work around that works for me to get the volume back up.
Start the audio chat as normal.
Now connect bluetooth headphones.
Volume in the headphones is fine.
Now switch off the headphones.
Volume on the phone is now sorted
I hope it works for you guys


Same issue, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 phone, tried to unistall/install the app. Nothing seems to work.

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I have the same issue. I think it’s coming through the phone channel not the speaker channel.

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So, when will loud speaker support be added on Android? Without this, for me, the voice chat feature is a bit useless.

What is interesting, I tried the voice feature on my second phone, which is iPhone 12, and everything works ok. So I think that the problem affects only Android users.

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I have the same issue, and I think it has something to do with having anything connected via Bluetooth. I have a smart watch that’s always connected to my phone, but when I completely disable Bluetooth, chat GPT works just fine.

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Same issue mi10. Fine through my headphones, but phone speaker and external Bluetooth speaker have very low volume

Worth noting it was loud on the voice selection menu just not in the actual chart

Same issue. Just installed app today. Galaxy s10+. What’s strange is that it worked for a little while - playing through the speaker. But then i went to show my wife about an hour later, and it switched the audio. It treats the audio now like its a phone call, rather than media.

I’m having this same issue, seems from the comments to be a pretty regular problem on Android. I have a galaxy z fold 3.

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Same problem, nothing phone (2).

Same issue on galaxy note 10+ eveyrhtig else normal volume. Got voice app is barely audible