Looking to hire a tutor to help me understand what chatGPT is capable of

I don’t know what the standard rate is but willing to negotiate.

send me a message.

Welcome to the community.

What are you having trouble understanding?

Have you used ChatGPT?

Have you tried to ask it what its capable of ?
I think the only limitation right now is your imagination and your technical knowledge.
Found this resource helpful:

You can also set out clear goals of what you are trying to achieve, browsing forums can be helpful with getting started.
There are many forums you can join:

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I mean, I’ve used it a LOT, using some pretty lateral thinking, and I’m not in a position to refuse money, so if you want to schedule a 1:1, you can message me, but there seem to be plenty of others who will help for free :upside_down_face:

Would you be able to walk me through all of the guides and QuickStart tutorial. Show me how to use python, and JavaScript, community libraries, how to set up my environment. And especially how to upload data to a model for analysis. I have programming experience but that was ten years ago and in Java. What is a fair rate?

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I do have experience tutoring Python, so I can certainly help you there. Rates for online tutors vary from $20/hr to $80/hr, but this may take a few sessions to get you fully set up, so I’m leaning toward $30/hr as a base rate given my experience, and if you feel I went above and beyond, I would accept gratuity.

I will say that I don’t have experience billing individuals, only working for institutions, so if anyone else reading this thinks this is a lop-sided deal in either direction, feel free to let us know.


Just chiming in here…
For the past 7 years I’ve been invoicing individuals as an AppSheet consultant. It was a little odd at first, but once you get used to it, and you’ve got a payment platform setup to accept payment {PayPal, Stripe, Venmo, etc.}, it’s no different than invoicing a company.

  • $30/hr is a fair starting point
  • $50/hr is a point I’ve found has little friction
  • I’ve seen others in the game I’m in charge up to $100/hr and up to $150/hr

Depends on your competency in the subject matter, and what you’re confident charging individuals and not feeling like you’re taking advantage of people. (And that’s something you’ll have to suss out for yourself.)

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We can do 30$ an hour plus gratuity. I like mornings MST what time zone are u in?

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Sounds good! I’ll message you directly with the details

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Thank you for the input! May I message you directly about how to go about invoicing?

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Sure @Dent Feel free to reach out if you have questions. NP

I’ll answer here in case anyone else is curious

  • I put together an AppSheet app that allows me to keep track of everything
  • All the data is stored in Google Sheets (Clients/Projects/Phases/Milestones/etc)
  • AppSheet has a ton of advanced things you can do
    • Invoice generation, Stipe API integration, trigger/scheduled emails, security, etc. etc.

When I was putting together an app for a fun project over the end of year holidays, I was absolutely blown away at how fast I was able to put together everything using AppSheet, Google Sheets, Google Apps Script, and OpenAi. In literally less than 2 hours I went from idea in my head, to fully functioning prototype; and this prototype basically allowed me to play D&D with GPT3, complete with Games/Scenes/Encounters/Turns/Actions. (^_^)


Oh thank you so much. I just offered 30$ as a starting point. It’s probably best to start at a lower tier to ask all the newbie questions and then move to a more advanced tier at a higher rate.

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Hallo Nelson, you spreadsheet was very useful for me. I am not a programmer but just with it I could realise a system for working with books. It would intetesting to use it with chatgpt turbo. If you can modify it I would be happy. Also if ypu could participate in a project I want to do and for which I need a programmer