How much are consumers/businesses willing to pay for custom AI services?

Wondering what the market is pricing different custom AI bots at - specifically businesses that are interested in using AI to fit a business need. Whether it be using Pinecone to create embeddings - whatever the need is or however complex the bot, how much would you think is a fair price?

You can fall into a trap quite easily here, don’t try and price the service in the same way you look at the costs from OpenAI.

You mentioned “business need” if this is a genuine “need” then what I tend to do is look at what the current cost is for that task done by a person and then I price my solution at 10% of that. So a customer support agent that might cost 25k a year to staff with a person, charge that out around 2.5k per year. That’s a 90% saving for them.

You need to work out what kind of numbers keep you afloat and interested in continuing, it’s fine to say, ok, I’ll charge OpenAI cost per token + 25%… but then that’s pennies on the dollar for bleeding edge tech, just not worth the investment of your time and effort.

Try and speak to your clients to find out how much they are currently spending on support, sales, whatever it is they need AI to do and go from there.

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I meant more up front costs for building it - most likely i’d just have them get their own API key and give me that key

Ahh, well, depends on the scope of the bot, also depends how many clients you have under your belt, you could offer a low ball $500 for a first attempt and let the customer know this is a special deal to make sure they are happy and you’d like a testimonial, after that bots range in the 1-3k mark for basic bot work up to 10k for something with multi functions and data gathering.

Can you say more?

What would you consider basic? What should I consider multi functions (two or three) and data gathering? By data gathering do you mean taking their data and using embeddings so the bot can retrieve their data? fine-tuning?

A basic bot would be one that makes use of an embedding database to support customer queries regarding a companies product line-up.

At the low end this would be a stand alone bot or a very simple page integration, this is your basic 1k bot, adding features like logic flow, pre defined user selectable options and following of a company specific option tree would push that to the 3k mark.

If you become involved with the page integration, i.e. you are now modifying the customers website to accommodate the bot into their existing page structure and also building in mechanism to capture customer details like names, addresses and possibly product selections and then perhaps calculating sales total and all of that additional work then you start to move into the 5-10k range, and that can often lead to more work providing support contracts and maintenance contracts. Although we are starting to go beyond the scope of the forum at this point, but you get the idea.


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