Looking for GPT-3 developers for Customer Support bot project

Project Details:

GPT-3 fine-tuned model is intended to add chatbot functionality to assist users with support requests.

The general idea is to fine tune GPT 3 model based on Support tickets, Docs, FAQs and Discord chat.


  • Prompt Engineering experience is a must
  • Fine-Tuning experience is a must
  • Fine-tuning dataset preparation experience is a must (CLI Data Preparation Tool)
  • Experience with Chatbots is desired
  • Experience with Weights and Biases is a plus
  • Experience integrating Moderation API is a plus
  • Experience creating semantic and search scores is a plus
  • Experience reporting elapsed tokens, elapsed examples, training loss, training sequence accuracy, training token accuracy is a plus.

Contact me Telegram: Contact @kub1t