Open position - Openai expert


I’m looking for a full stack developer with OpenAI api experience for hourly based project.

Candidates can email CV and reference projects (guthub profile) to


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Hi, How are you?
I sent mail to you.
Can we meet on Skype or Telegram?

Ooof, you got that damn Drift chatbot, I hate that thing. Maybe first step is save yourself $2500+ a month and have someone replace it with ChatGPT. We’ve implemented a light (and slightly crappy) version on my company’s website. Doesn’t use vector database like pinecone though, so we’ll upgrade it at some point. But works better in my opinion. Programmable with just text.

Also, as a heads up. I’m on Upwork and I’m always seeing tons of people on there doing OpenAI/ChatGPT stuff. Might be a good place to look around.

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I haven’t received
Send to

I sent an email to you( Did you receive it?
My email address:

This is just a friendly reminder not to post personal information such as your email adress on a publicly available forum :laughing:

You can DM people by pressing their name and choosing message.

Thanks for your advice. @N2U

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