OpenAI and Indigenous Language

I am using OpenAI and word embedding to research the Mi’kmaq language. I am currently evaluating vector similarity using cosine similarity. The intent is to find similarities in meaning and vector similarity. This is a passion project in an effort to preserve my native language by leveraging AI.

Any suggestions or comment is greatly appreciated.

I wrote a long-form post on Twitter detailing the process.


I actually e-mailed my local tribal representative about using LLMs to help preserve the Mi’kmaq language!

They never got back to me… :frowning:

Definitely gonna follow your repository, though!

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Super cool and important work. Good luck. Let us know how you might benefit from additional support. Maybe someone in the community here can help.

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Thank you. I am currently compiling all the words in the Mi’kmaq language. I’ll certainly tap into the community for help. I appreciate the support.

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I appreciate the support. I added a Twitter link in the original post, detailing the process.

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