LitRPG Larry: ChatGPT AI Writer Buddy Bot for Fantasy Fiction Authors

I’ve been tinkering in the workshop.

The idea is to make a ChatGPT powered bot that has good specific domain knowledge when it comes to the LitRPG book genre. (Followed by other personas like Dialogue Diane, Worldbuilding Walter, etc… each with specialized knowledge…)

Here’s some sample prompts…

Prompt: hey larry i need three quick potions with a strawberry theme stat

Prompt: is Strawberry Elixir of Velocity too OP for a level 4 mage in Act 2 of the second book of my series?

Prompt*:* describe the spider in vivid detail but keep in mind it’s game mechanic abilities

Prompt: Xuanwoquan Whirlpool Fist A style that utilizes circular movements and sudden shifts in direction to create a vortex that can trap and throw opponents resembling a whirlpool in motion Can you make it better Involve a classic Chicken Attack

Medium-term memory is operational. I’m working on using embedding to increase Larry’s domain knowledge - ie vectorize book information then use that to build the prompt if needed…

Slow going, but I’m making progress.

I decided against using stream=True despite it being a Chatbot because I do stuff with the output before I show it to the user. I think in this case the domain knowledge specialization and output will be more important than the speed of the answer.

We shall see, though! I’ve got more than one tool I’ve built then is rarely used. Haha.

Just wanted to share my latest project. Happy to answer questions if I can.

Video update from a few days ago… some progress shown on screenshots above, but it’s mostly backend stuff improving…

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GPT-4 mode enabled. Thanks, OpenAI!

Running quality tests…

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Testing with some authors…

Not shabby at all!