Can I configure an API for my custom GPT?

With ChatGPT 4 and custom GPTs, is it possible to generate an API for the custom GPT you have created? I’ve had difficulty finding any documentation on how to do this, making me believe this feature isn’t possible.


Custom GPTs don’t really have an API endpoint. However, there’s the Assistants product on the platform/API side, which is very, very similar to custom gpts, which youcan expose as an API

Yeah as mentioned, you need to convert it to an assistant. There’s a guide here: Guide: Turn GPTs into Assistants and put them on your website

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You would have to use Assistants api and create a Custom GPT. Here is an open-source project which can help you with the same GitHub - SamurAIGPT/Open-Custom-GPT: Create Custom GPT and add/embed on your site using Assistants api

Thanks for your reply! If I subscribe to the premium version of ChatGPT (the $20/month one), do I have access to Assistant or is that a different product?

Assistants api is separate and the pricing is dependant on the number of api calls you make.

Pricing details are available here