Less than One-Year-OLD Credits of Pay getting deducted over Monthly Free first

I have been using my paid credits when on the 19th, my monthly replenished; they are not getting used first out of the 15 MONTHY Dalle. I’m confused; please help.

@shyamal, @jforte or any openAI staff please help.

Credits are consumed by which credits are closest to expiring, as detailed in this help article. For your account, your monthly credits were not consumed first because you have credits that are set to expire sooner than the monthly credits.

That is not true, I haven’t been a member for a year. The credits last for a year from purchase or given so this isn’t true. @jforte your pay credit option hasn’t been around for a year. Credits “expire one year from purchase”

Are you telling me the credits bought expire in less than a years time?

You are telling me credits from July 2022 are set to expire before monthly?

Here is my first receipt letting you know and showing proof it’s been under one year. So monthly credits should be expiring first. @jforte @joannejang

This is related to how the credit grants are shown to you on the user interface. As a community volunteer, we provided some additional free credits which are shown as “paid” credits.

However, the credits that we grant occasionally have different expiration dates. In this case, one set of your grants were provided with an expiration date of November 1st, which is sooner than the free monthly credits. Please note that any credits that were purchased, and not granted by us for other reasons, will have the standard 1 year expiration term.

We have noted this as feedback for the team to modify how this is exposed to users in the future.

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Okay, yes, @jforte, this was previously unmentioned and unclear. I, however, am no longer a community volunteer. If there is an artists’ subsidy program, I’d appreciate the aid and support to create my art.

Thank you for edifying.