Layout bug: huge icons in GPTs configuration right chat

Today, when I started creating a new GPTs, the right chat is broken. The GPTs icon is huge, taking most of the chat space. The GPTs I built earlier are fine. Just take a look. Any ideas how to fix it?

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I am having the same issue since yesterday - super frustrating. Hope someone can find a fix for this.

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I found a fix for this. The problem and solution detailed and linked here:

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Thanks for the workaround. Still hope the team will take a look and fix it.

I’m having issues with this also. Super frustrating.

The reported problem has been fixed. Try to do a hard refresh of your desktop client and see if the GPT builder’s test area doesn’t have a normal icon now.

If you are having anything other than a huge icon in that specific area, you found the wrong topic.

I did hard refresh (Ctrl+F5). Didn’t help. Deleted all cookies for Still nothing, huge avatars as when I started the topics.

Have you tested a newly created GPTs? Because with the old ones there were no problems.


Still having the huge images, I even opened a session on a browser where I had never logged before, so definitely not a cookie issue.

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Thanks for correcting me. It seems this only comes about when creating a new GPT and then going directly to the preview to talk to it.

The script’s topic I linked above takes care of the big icon (and the texting bubbles):

(however you’ll get another bug I made that I haven’t been able to fix: the wide computer code block for regular ChatGPT overflows the preview box and pushes things left by random amounts. 15 layers of flex CSS and scripts and divs that don’t start out being there to unravel.)

I installed a Chrome extension called Stylus. And applied a new CSS style:

.gizmo-shadow-stroke { 
  width: 32px !important;
  height: 32px !important;

It gets the avatar its normal size, but one time it cut off the sides a bit. Still looks ok

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I have actually used the tampermonkey script, which I believe you posted, and it works. It still does not satisfy me though, I would prefer and official fix. Thank you for your contribution anyway, very much appreciated.

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I found a fix! On the GPT creator pane, I asked the GPT to change the existing icon to something else. Once it did, I asked it to revert the image back to the original one. It tried to do so but ended up breaking the icon (see screenshot below). Because of this other issue, my icon is inexistent now and thus, doesn’t get away with the texts anymore (see another screenshot below). In short, I fixed the icon issue by breaking the icon.

I’ve been having this issue for almost 3 weeks now, very disappointed there’s been no official fix yet

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Great fix for now - thanks :smile: @artem.dzyuba

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Finally they fixed it. I see no huge avatars in the right GPTs chat.