Keynote Bingo: Tune in, Play, and Win!

Spice up the keynote with our interactive Bingo game! Listen carefully and mark the buzzwords to complete your Bingo card.

  • AI-Powered Assistance: Whisper keeps tabs on the keynote’s keywords, helping us check your Bingo cards.

  • Secure Your Bingo Card: Reply to this announcement and a forum regular will provide you with a unique Bingo cards (maximum 5).

  • Winning Patterns: Achieve victory with these patterns:

    • Any single row or column
    • Four corners
    • Postage stamp (a 2x2 square in any corner)
    • Six pack (two adjacent rows of three)
    • Block of nine (any 3x3 section)
    • Twelve random squares
    • Full board (blackout)
  • Declare Your Victory: Got a winning combination? Let us know by replying with your card number and pattern.

  • Acknowledging Winners: We’ll verify and celebrate the winners in a special post-keynote shout-out.

  • Just for Fun: Remember, we’re playing for the joy of participation and the thrill of the game—no prizes, just bragging rights!

The event has now concluded, but join us to be ready for our next round of bingo!


Youtube URL of live keynote stream, to begin Monday 10am California time

Best bets leaderboard (there’s now way too many cards to see who got the best one!)
_j: [ChatGPT, reasoning, lower prices, PDF]
grandell1234: (not promising, ouch)
curt.kennedy: [global, API, future, limitations]
Foxabilo: [alignment x2, but some poison pills in there]
Eskcanta: [PDF, powerful technology, plus subscribers, alignment] + [generates images, collaboration, Sam Altman, safety]


Thank you! That’s very helpful!

here’s your bingo card:

Everyone who replies gets a bingo card :laughing:


I live in Texas with CST and it starts at exactly noon for me.

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Here is your lucky Bingo card @grandell1234

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Can someone give me a card?

It’s no fun if I give a card to myself :rofl:


Here you go:


I would like a Bingo card Plz!

(this is a full sentence)

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Here @Foxalabs !


The chance to join in this bingo is what what finally got me to register for the forum!


Here is your card:

Hope you have a blast!

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I am so curious!

I had to google ‘AI UBI’, because I was overthinking it.

Now I’m really overthinking ‘eight thousand’. What does ‘eight thousand’ have to do with AI or OpenAI?

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Yeah, that is a weird one.

All I come up with in search is:

OpenAI’s Sam Altman, Google’s Sundar Pichai asked to pay for using works of over 8000 authors to train AI

Thank you!

claps hands Now I’m expecting the conference to open with the words “Eight thousand …” grins mischievously

Right :rofl:

I’m sure the first thing OpenAI will bring up is wanting/needing to pay 8000 authors.

I mean, it would fit the general UBI (Universal Basic Income), but not sure it fits with Dev Day.

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I shout out just before the keynote “Sam, whats 2 x 4000?” :+1:


beams Whew, someone there and on my Bingo side!

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This is why we put AI validation sets behind scrapewalls. So that the prior knowledge can’t affect the outcome. :8ball:

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Lmao, I think I can explain that one :laughing:

The bingo cards feature words that were selected through a process utilizing NLP (Natural Language Processing) techniques. This process involved extracting keywords from extensive transcripts of interviews with Sam Altman and Greg Brockman, as well as from the most recent months of OpenAI updates. From this extraction, 75 common keywords and phrases were carefully chosen to compose the dataset.

The “eight thousands” probably references the context window of GPT-4 (it’s 8k)

Welcome to the developer community forum btw :laughing:

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OK, then hopefully something about “thirty two thousand” or more will be announced. :rofl: