It's saying "conversation not loading"

Screenshot 2023-04-13
Whenever I try to reload something new, this is what I get “conversation not loading.” Is it me or a bug?

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Same here ! I also got this error.
It’s fine to start a new conversation, but the previous history channels were not responding…

Okay, I guess I’m not alone. You’re having it to. How long has it been for you?

I think they have aired some update for ChatGPT and this resulted in some errors.
Let’s be calm and wait till problem will be solved

That’s a good idea EugenS. Probably wait until tomorrow for the issue to be fixed.

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:worried: Maybe this sounds like not the best idea to use ChatGPT on April 13, 2023.

Same, worked twice in past 2 hours failed many times

The same thing is happening to me so I assume everyone is experiencing the same thing? I tried making a new chat but it would only allow me to enter one line of conversation.

Same. These people might know what’s wrong but wait until tomorrow probably.

Okay, this bug is over. Don’t worry now it’s been resolved.