It's been 2 weeks and plus User still can't access new voice and image capabilities

The official announcement said two weeks after September 25th, and it’s been a 14 days now. Why is access still not available? This is quite unfair. Most of the Plus users I see have at least one of the voice or image capabilities; I still can’t experience any new features. how hard can it be?


Some have got Dall-E plugin. Some have image. I have none :smiling_face_with_tear:

It is not unfair, any more than than a coin flip is unfair to you.

OpenAI can deploy at their own rate of onboarding and ensuring they have the resources (already with glitches in both ChatGPT and Bing for new image features), as “beta features” go to beta testers.

Same here. Plus and beta tester but don’t have the voice option.

me as well, I don’t understand why we paid the same price but can’t access to new features.

Me either. I cannot access the voice option with Plus, so sad…

Hmm me either. What’s going on?