Issue with Plus Subscription - GPT-4 Inaccessible and Account Not Showing as Plus

Hello everyone,

I recently subscribed to ChatGPT Plus to access GPT-4 and was able to use it briefly. However, now my account does not show as a Plus subscription, and I no longer have access to GPT-4. The interface is prompting me to upgrade again, even though I already paid for the subscription.

This situation is unacceptable, especially considering the amount paid for the service. I have already contacted support but have not received a satisfactory response.

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I have the same problem. I tried to use chatgpt and show me the 3.5 versión.

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I saw some people talking about disabling some Chrome extensions that would possibly hinder access to GPT-4. In my case, my brother ended up signing in to the wrong account, so it was just user error hahahaha. But contact support, they responded to me within 1 day.

I’m w8 9 hours,support answer :slight_smile:

I’m try at another browser ,didn’t help

check if you are on the right account
Check that there is no extension that could be interfering
Maybe clear cache and log in again

Try everything (
Ty for try to help