My GPT, uploading multiple files

I want to create a ChatGPT for educational science. I have 4800 articles as PDF.
For the following questions I am looking for answers:

  • Is there a maximum number of files, that you can upload?
  • Is there a way to upload multiple files at once?
  • Is there a CustomGPT explaining CustomGPTs, because ChatGPT does not know stuff about CustomGPTs?
  • Is there a maximum number of pages per document?
  • Does it make a difference if I import two pdf-documents or if those documents are combined into one?

Thank you!


Hi, have found that :

What types of files are supported?

All common file extensions for text files, spreadsheets, presentations, and documents.

How many files can I upload at once per GPT?

Up to 10 files per GPT for the lifetime of that GPT. Keep in mind there are file size restrictions and usage caps per user/org.

What are those file upload size restrictions?

  • All files uploaded to a GPT or a ChatGPT conversation have a hard limit of 512MB per file.

  • All text text and document files uploaded to a GPT or to a ChatGPT conversation are capped at 2M tokens per files. This limitation does not apply to spreadsheets.

  • For images, there’s a limit of 20MB per image.

  • Additionally, there are usage caps:

    • Each end-user is capped at 10GB.

    • Each organization is capped at 100GB.

    • Note: An error will be displayed if a user/org cap has been hit.

How do I delete files I upload?

Files uploaded to Advanced Data Analysis are deleted within 3 hours. If you are encountering your file usage cap, you can also delete files from recent chats or from any GPTs that you built, as these share caps.

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Thank you!
I will try this.

Interesting side note: if you upload more than 10 documents, you get an error that the draft cannot be saved (not mentioning that you uploaded more than 10 documents is the problem)

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Good point. And yes, it’s just the one error message for multiple causes. I’ve noticed the same.

@cabotine have you tried to add Papr Memory actions in your GPT? We don’t have a restriction on the number of memories (information / data) that you upload and you can upload it once and use it across multiple GPTs.

Currently, we don’t allow you to add files or link to files so it’s going to be a manual process to bring data from those articles. Just wanted to warn you! but we are working on adding support for multiple files.

Take a look at this Substack article that walks thru steps to add Papr Memory as actions in your GPT

Also you can try Papr Memory GPT and Papr Tracker GPT


Thank you. How would I upload documents then? Just one at a time to a conversation with the plugin enabled? Is there a limit of how many files can be included in one conversation?

I think this is for files to upload in a chat session instead of files uploaded for RAG when building a GPT, no?

I still get a max of 20 document limit. I cant upload more than that.
How does one calculate the 2M token limit?

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You would have to use an external solution for handling the RAG and bring it to your Custom GPT or Assistant via actions

I’ve had a problem when adding more than ten files (small text files only a few kb each) and my custom gpt turns semi retarded. Worse than gpt3.5. For example I ask it to generate a list and then expand such and such a number point from the list and it cannot recall the list (even in the very next response) or understand you are referencing the list, and instead will regurgitate something from its text files. I then delete a few files and it turned back to normal again and worked fine. For a while there I thought OpenAI had decided to lobotomise chatgpt until I discovered the issue.

Hi Vicent, I’m using GPT4 builder to create a research buddy for my work. But I’m unable to upload more than 20 PDFs. The average size of a pdf is about 5MB. if I have 10GB cap as end user then, why am I seeing this error.

And I also see the error below " You’ve reached the current usage cap for GPT-4, please try again after 9:42 PM.

Could you please help me understand, why am I seeing these errors?

Vincent have you tried to upload pdf links to Papr memory instead we so t have any limits you can also use pdfs in any chatGPT conversation as long as you mention or use Papr Memory GPT

This might be the 40 prompt limit, as GPT allocates entries for other users trying GPT-4