Issue Logging into Teams Workspace

Hi all,

I recently upgraded from a personal Plus subscription to a Teams one. I was prompted to either transfer all my data and GPTs from the personal account to the teams one or to start with a blank workspace. I selected option 1, I was refunded accordingly but now when I try to log in and start using my Teams subscription I get the same transfer of data pop-up every time and can’t select either option.

Screenshot 2024-01-23 at 13.15.59

If I click option 1 it asks me to confirm, I click confirm and nothing happens.
If I click option 2 it just refreshes the page and shows the same pop-up again.

Any ideas how I can fix this? Anyone else running into this issue?


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AFAIK you are the first to note this feature and run into this problem.

I am experiencing a completely different situation.

In my case, instead of the screen mentioned above, I see a screen on ChatGPT where I can switch between my personal account and my work account.

I purchased two seats in the form of a monthly subscription.
On the other hand, I intentionally did not renew the subscription for my personal account, which has now expired.


However, on the screen of my personal account, there is a display saying “Renew Plus”, but it also says that GPT-4 can be used, which is a bit confusing.

The email addresses I registered for the team plan are the same one I used for my personal account and the one I use for business, and it shows that the two seats are filled.


I think the common point is the “Issue Logging into Teams Workspace”.
I suspect that there may be a discrepancy between the front end and the back end due to the announcement of the new pricing plan and the handling of migration, but I hope it will be resolved as soon as possible, and I reply here because it could be useful information for other members.


Same issue here. After migrating, (which was successful) I continue to get the prompt to choose whether I want to transfer from personal acct or start empty. I choose to migrate again (even though it is already migrated) It moves to the confirmation screen but that confirm transfer button does nothing. I have found no way to close that pop up. There is no way to access ChatGPT with that pop up open and it won’t close.

I also tried clearing my browser cache but no luck. I have had no access all day.

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Note: I am not an OpenAI employee.

Just want to confirm this. You have a ChatGPT Plus account and used the migrate option to upgrade to ChatGPT Team and now cannot access either account?


Exactly, yeah. I migrated to the Team subscription > got my personal account auto-cancelled and refunded for the remaining period of subscription and now I can’t access neither the personal nor the team account.


Correct that is exactly what happened and I am stuck at the same pop up.

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