Is the chat histories for ChatGPT's free version still not working or are all chats being permanently deleted?

I am putting a new coversation for this since theres an older one that is on here but to bring the issue a tiny bit more attention i am going to put a new one here. The chat histories are apparently still temporarily disabled and on here many people are complaining hoping they arent lost forever with people who wrote important things like diaries, screenplays, and business related things and many people like me who either wrote past conversations into ChatGPT, stories, etc. I and many people hope our conversations arent permanently deleted. I myself am going to write down and put all my chats into google docs and such in case something like this happens again. There doesnt seem to be any announcments or anything so please tell us something.

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Hang in there! Per the message in the UI:

previous conversations are temporarily unavailable

In general, if you are highly dependent on the conversations, please save them elsewhere as ChatGPT is a research preview.

I am going to close this thread for now and will post any updates in the main thread as they become available.