Is someone working on a calendar plugin?

I’d love to have one or build one, but I don’s see any and have no plugin access unfortunately. Would be great to have calendar reshuffle and send email to everyone to free up time etc…

You can build a quick example Plugin with Logans 5 min example here GitHub - openai/plugins-quickstart: Get a ChatGPT plugin up and running in under 5 minutes!

You could then go and use that as a template and build your own.

Hey thanks! Even without plug-in access?

You can apply for developer access here ChatGPT Plugins waitlist
It may be that requirement no longer applies since Plugins are public now, but I can’t say for sure, as being a developer myself, I don’t know what the options are for someone who is not.

If you have the option to enable development mode in your ChatGPT⚙️Settings then you can go ahead.

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Ah right - I’ve applied, but no luck…
Thanks though, hopefully someone else start working on it, would be great.