Concept for Plugin to Create Google Calendar Events via ChatGPT Text Prompts

Invitation for anyone to develop a ChatGPT plugin that can create Google Calendar events (individually, in batches, or in any number) via ChatGPT text prompts.

I have run some initial research and coding via ChatGPT itself; the work needs attention from folks experienced in development to bring the concept to fruition.

I release this concept into the public domain and do not require or expect any compensation or rights to the realization/implementation of the project. I do plan to make use of the plugin, so please do notify me by email if this beomes reality.

I cannot share links in this forum however I am happy to share the GitHub Repository link with anyone who reaches out.

Thank you.


Wonderful. Thank you. I was surprised at not being able to find any evidence of others developing what seems to be a very obvious and necessary plugin, especially for folks seeking to add dozens of calendar entries at a time without setting up csv files. I’m glad folks are already on the case; and please do let me know when plugins of this kind become available. -Justin

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The zapier plugin should be able to do that for you.

You can use TimeNavi for this. It helps you analyze your past events and set a schedule for you.

Yes, I believe it can, however it is not as straightforward as simply typing a prompt into ChatGPT.

Thank you. What I’m hoping to see developed is the ability to type a prompt such as: “Please calendar the following: …” and then list any number of events to have populated to Google Calendar.

There you go!

They just got it approved.

Let us know how it works, I know the founders and they will love to get feedback.


Way to go! I will try it for sure. I tried TimeNavi and it works with some significant bugs and glitches.

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Here’s the chat I tried with the “Chat with calendars” plugin:
https [colon / /] chat [dot] openai [dot] com [/] share [/] 223ebc2a-f390-4ad3-8ddb-99f15ec4e558

ChatGPT seemed to deny the ability to use the plugin at first. Once I insisted on it, it gave it a go without much success, but I may be starting it off on the deep end.

Also the plugin is flagged as unauthorized by Google when first installed. I was able to bypass the warning message and install it anyway; fyi in case this is a deterrent for new users.

Thank you for the opportunity to test out the plugin, –Justin

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Sent your feedback to the plugin creator!

Thanks for letting me know, I really appreciate it :slight_smile:

I’m the plugin creator. Sorry for the inconvenience !
The plugin currently supports 2 features :

  • list events in your calendar between 2 dates. This feature was added just now.
  • insert new events (both events with day + start and end times and full day (or several full days) events are supported)

In order to use it, you can for instance ask chat GPT to

  • list all events in your calendar this week,
  • add an event called “important meeting” next monday from 1PM to 3PM.

The next features I have in mind for the near future are editing events, and bulk actions (being able to add several or edit several elements at a time).
I would love to have your thoughts on those, and to read other features you would like the plugin to support !

About the google warning, I have done everything they require me to do, and I’m waiting their review and hopefully validation ! :pray:

I will keep you guys updated here !
Thank you very much for the valuable insights and ideas !



Thank you, Alexis. Yes, bulk actions, such as inputting a large number of calendar entries prompted by simple text, and also AI-facilitated interpretation of text instructions that can be generalized to inputting many calendar entries, such as inputting a weekly event with a predictable pattern of changes to the event in each week during a sequence—also the ability to have AI examine a calendar intelligently and make patterns of changes affecting large time spans in the calendar (without generating unintended duplicates) would be great.

For example, using the competitor plugin TimeNavi I had another plugin examine a PDF with a table of many key dates in over a dozen area school calendars with TimeNavi tasked to input all of those dates. It worked but many duplicates were created and the time span for day-long events was set from 12:00AM–11:59PM in almost all cases; and certain events were skipped without explanation. So TimeNavi did okay but in the end created time-consuming mistakes requiring human cleanup. So a frontrunner plugin would tackle a similar task with a more accurate result.

One thing I’ve noticed when playing with AI plugins is that some of them, including TimeNavi, fall prey to “fake data” and then act on that data as if it were real, such as ChatGPT claiming the existence of a number of calendar events that were never there, and then a plugin attempting to act on the non-existing events (and in the process creating them). This has rather serious consequences for folks sharing the calendar and wondering where the phantom events came from. Hope this lands in context and that you can make use of this feedback. With appreciation, –Justin

Thank you very much, adding one or several “smart” layers in the plugin to detect potential errors, and offer smoot interactions for more complex tasks is a promising idea. I’m putting it into the roadmap. I’ll let you know when I’ll publish updates on the plugin !

Thank you again for your time and beneificial efforts!

Can I somehow use the plugin also in the MY GPT through the action? How can I do that?

I Love this, could you please share the link for the repo.

I created one chrome extension. Search for “Chatgpt for google calendar”

Just installed it. Thank you for addressing this important niche for AI.

Thank you Alexis! I just added it. I have multiple google calendars. I tried to add it to different calendars but it seems you can only add the calendar entry to your primary calendar. Is that true?