iOS app shortcut doesn’t work anymore


Since today, ChatGPT iOS shortcut always fails every time with the next error: “ Couldn’t communicate with a helper application.” ( 無法與輔助應用程式通訊。)

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This is happening to me as well. The “Ask ChatGPT” Shortcut action fails every time. For me if a model is selected as well it also says it can’t determine the model. If no model is selected, the app sometimes “quits unexpectedly.” The chat and

response can still be seen in the app’s chat history.

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Same here. Let’s hope a bug fix soon.:smiling_face_with_tear:

Solved on last update 1.2023.291 :tada::confetti_ball::partying_face:

This is happening again as from 16th April 2024.

And I have a lot of shortcuts running with ChatGPT, paying a absurdly high price every month for a broken , slowly downgraded service.

Shortcuts is not working with api. Does anyone have a solution? April 21 ‘24