How to use ChatGPT with Siri (Shortcuts)

Shortcut for Siri using OpenAI API GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 models, supports continuous conversations.

Shortcut uses OpenAI public API, you can communicate with text or voice using Siri. Now our Siri has finally become intelligent and can talk to us fluently! And all this can be done with just a Shortcut and an API key.


This works well, you can use Siri Voice prompts or type in your prompt. Nice to have GPT when you need it:-)

When using voice Siri won’t recognise the “Quit voice” prompt How can this be improved?

This shortcut is very similar to GitHub - Yue-Yang/ChatGPT-Siri: Shortcuts for Siri using ChatGPT API gpt-3.5-turbo & gpt-4 model, supports continuous conversations, configure the API key & save chat records. 由 ChatGPT API gpt-3.5-turbo & gpt-4 模型驱动的智能 Siri,支持连续对话,配置API key,配置系统prompt,保存聊天记录。 with the same issue.

use the phrase ‘Quit chat’ and Siri will end the conversation

Trows a “could not evaluate the key path” error. “In ””, no value was found for directory key “choices”.”

Sorry, I can’t seem to figure it out.

I get exactly the same “could not evaluate the key path” error. “In ””, no value was found for directory key “choices”.”

hi, check your balance in your OpenAI account. Perhaps you didn’t add the payment method.

Getting the same error with free account and a payment method defined.

you need to add a payment method to your OpenAI account to fix this error

It won’t run, and I don’t understand this error:
The file “2023-07-18 20/13/35.txt” couldn’t be opened.

Some help?

I get the same “file couldn’t be opened” error when run on the iPhone