Invalid Authorization Code

at least you’ve got a nice dog captcha style pic. I have not

also, and on a separate note: does it help to know that Im also a paying Chad+ customer and that my billing cycle appears to happen on the 24th which would place it at right about yesterday? #2cents

How a PAID subs could have this kind of error with no backup nor twitter message. No one will give you back your caffeined mind :anger:

update: and suddenly “it just works” again.

. o O ( incidentally, the action I performed right before regaining access was pressing the “Sign up” button instead of the “Log in” button. #2cents #hth )


Amazingly, the exact same way worked for me. I clicked on Sign Up, in the next window on Login and now it works.

Whether this is correlation or causality…who knows :wink:

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@no_temperature’s trick worked for me as well. I clicked on Sign up and used the same Google account, and successfully logged in to be existing account.

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