Invalid Authorization Code

I have the same issue. I made the mistake of using a different e-mail adres to sign-up for GPT-4 than the one I used to logon before. Clearing cookies and cache does not work, nor does incognito window or even a different device.
The strange thing is that I had no problem creating an account on this community; when doing so the UI even said something like “you have been authenticated through OAuth2”. I did not even have to type my password…

I’ve tried different browsers, clearing history and cookies, incognito, and nothing works. All I keep getting is this Invalid Authorization Code message. What am I doing wrong?


Got here cause i’m having the same issue. Invalid authorization code when trying to log in.

Same issue here. Happens on multiple browsers, even if I clear all of my site data or try on a browser I haven’t touched before.

SOLVED… (At least for me).

I use both my phone and my laptop with openAI… and I was having the ‘invalid authorization’ error on both devices.

  1. Close all browser windows out on all devices that access OpenAI.
  2. Open a different web browser… (e.g. if you normally use Safari… use Chrome, Firefox, or Edge, etc.). In my case, I use Safari normally… so I used Chrome)
  3. Navigate to and log in.
  4. Once you’ve logged in… LOG OUT using the actual ‘Log Out’ function on the website.
  5. Go back to your normal web browser… and log in normally…

Hopefully that works for everyone… let me know.

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I had to verify my email even though I had an account already for Chat. I had to also do it for the platform link

Here’s what worked for me… but based on what you’re saying, the authorization issue is really CORS throwing the error. Here’s the techincal explanation " Cross-origin resource sharing (CORS) is a standard mechanism that allows JavaScript XMLHttpRequest (XHR) calls executed in a web page to interact with resources from non-origin domains . CORS is a commonly implemented solution to the same-origin policy that is enforced by all browsers."

it’s not with login credentials, cookies, etc… Basically the OpenAI website uses javascript, and they implemented CORS XHR… and for whatever reason, CORS just needs to be reset… that’s all…

Thank you for the hint but i cannot even log in for the first time in order to log out.

This is so weird. I looked up their help pages and found nothing. Still they claim their AI can write documentations although even their own is not helpful … :wink:

hi - I am trying to log in to the playground with my account but get an “invalid authorization code” error and it doesn’t let me log in. But I can use chatgpt, What can be happening and how can I resolve? I want to get API key.

My login attempt looks exactly like the above photo, as well.

The best solution I found was to manually goto
or type in the address bar and then proceed to login again.

This worked after wasting time trying multiple browsers, networks, incognito mode etc.

I encountered the same issues and tried all the suggested fixes without success. Ultimately, I went ahead and created a new email account and then a new ChatGPT account, then logged in with it. Since then, I have ensured I always physically logged out and never allowed sessions to time out, and haven’t had any more problems at all. Been working flawlessly ever since (about 2 months).

Getting same issue.

It has to do with the openAI’s integration with Auth0. If you search the error message, there are other repos with the same issue. I have tried every “solution” in this post and none work.

OpenAI can you please look into this? The API playground and API Account management pages are inaccessible due to this error.

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I had this problem too—“Oops! (newline) Invalid authorization code”—and eventually was able to get back in by resetting my password. Not cookie clearing, nor a different browser, nor a private browser window were any help. I use a password manager and hadn’t changed my password after setting up my account, so I doubt I was getting it wrong. The OpenAI API link posted above by buid3r was the only way I was able to get to a password-reset option; clicking on “return to homepage” just took me back to the Oops! page after a long pause, and of course “Get help” is a mirage.

I am having this problem. Any update to end this ? I cant now access the API keys.


I also have this issue rigth now. When logging in at OpenAI API after submitting email and password i get the error “Oops! Invalid authorization code”.

Deleted Browser Data → not working
Tried different Browser → not working


Same issue here, all the methods above failed to fix the issue.


implement that already

Also have the same issue, I tried different browser, the logout option as well as resetting my password, but nothing seems to work

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just vanilla case of “me too!”.

. o O ( should I worry that I can’t currently know what is my actual account spending through OpenAI API ? )

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