Internal Server Error when updating GPT

I am getting a Internal Server Error “Error saving draft”.

When I try to update my GPT with new instructions… Is their something happening that I am unaware of?

I am using both GPT and Zapier AI Actions to create a automation for myself but currently this issue is not allowing me to add more instructions to the GPT. Could using Zapier AI Actions and GPT be the issue?

I have tried looking this issue up but nothing shows up. This issue has been persisted with me since Dec 7, 23 Night. I have tried logging out and logging back in but the issue persists

What can I do to fix this issue?

Thank you in advance! :slight_smile:

You mean when you try to add or edit custom instructions? Does it just not generate anything after adding custom instructions or does it just not accept the custom instructions in the first place?

I had this issue with Zapier AI Actions too. I fixed it by deleting my Action


and creating it again:


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