Interactive AI Table (Link to DEMO)

Hey :wave:,
I’ve created an interactive AI table where the data can be manipulated with text prompts.
It can handle anything you’d imagine; sorting, filtering, adding, editing, removing data etc.
The possibilities are endless - not limited to a GUI.
Try it out here:

Each prompt generates up to 4 different versions

Don’t hesitate to share any cool ideas you stumble upon :slight_smile:



Can you please share the code?
Or even a snip of the code \ a brief description?

Are you able to elaborate on what you mean? You don’t need a snippet of the code to try out the application:

Nice! Well done. Thanks for sharing!

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How can i get access to this to utilize this function?

You can just browse it, you don’t need anything other than a browser and internet connection to access it, which you seem to have :slight_smile:

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It could become a nice npm package. Thanks for sharing.