Enhance AI Launched

Hello all,

I’m lucky to have launched my own product using OpenAI specifically for developers, programmers, coders, and content writers called Enhance AI.


I actually built a number of great tools with it including:

  • Explain code
  • Fix faulty code
  • Convert code
  • Commands
  • Clean Code
  • Regex expressions

It also had a number of great written features like you might expect:

  • Document Cowriting assistant
  • Grammar fixing
  • Rewriting
  • Shortening / Lengthening
  • Introductions / Outlines

As well as a number of other tools. I’ll be continuously working on seeing how developers have specific toolsets that github copilot itself might not do as it sometimes is a bit too open ended.

You can follow on Twitter here: https://twitter.com/EnhanceAI if you want more info!

I’ve put some examples below:


Happy for any feedback and suggestions along the way. I also built the whole thing in one month… so its still technically in beta :slight_smile:


nice work! I love the design


Looks neat. I might give it a spin for fun.

Looks really cool but the friction of having to put your card information in just to test any of the features is quite obstructive, definitely turned me off. Looking into a freemium model would most likely increase your conversions, especially with a product like this where prospects (users browsing your landing site) are very sceptical of the results it can produce. You want to try and get them to the “aha” moment as quick as possible and I believe a freemium model will achieve that for you! Best of luck :grin:


Very cool. Nice work!

hi adriantwarog,
your saas is awesome. I want to build something similar inspire by your product. can you help me?