Insufficient quota error on paid account despite being far below limit

A very similar topic was closed on 1 Dec.
We have been on a paid plan since June and as of this morning I am getting the “You exceeded your current quota, please check your plan and billing details” error even though my account is at < 1% of the limit.

Following the advice in the now closed thread:

  • I have created a new API key and
  • even upped the usage limit slightly
  • and amended my billing address (was missing a post code)

but none of these helped.

Would v much appreciate any tips on how to solve this one

What happens if you enter the playground submit something there?

I do get a response in the playground

Are you using an organization ID when making your API calls?

I do use the organization ID in all API calls, yes

oddest thing. Waiting about 2hrs after making the changes (new API key, updated billing details) seem to have done the trick.