Implementation Proposal: Introducing Automatic Summaries to Enhance Our Community Discussions

Hello everyone. I’m proposing the introduction of a feature within our community that could benefit our discussions. The idea is to add a button at the end of threads that, when activated, uses the GPT model to generate a concise summary of the discussion. This could be helpful to save time and provide a quick overview of the main conclusions. What do you think?

This is available once you reach Trust Level 3 here, I believe.


Oh i see. And given that i found now a topic about that: When does the Summarize button show up?. Thanks @PaulBellow .

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When a summary is created it is beneficial to note it is created by AI. This is done so that users know it is AI generated and may contain hallucinations.

The following query will select most of the summaries.

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Is it OK if a moderator closes this topic?

@EricGT yes its ok to close this topic. Thanks.