Feedback Summary App

i had the Idea of a feedback summary tool from chats or forun posts. I got this idea while beeing invite on a beta with a discord integration and a feedback channel. It was so convoluted i had no idea how to “sort” this stuff properly.

The idea
The tool gets the feedback and filters the topics, counts the mentions on a topic and provides links (or somethings like that) to the most relevant mentions on this topic.

I think such a tool that will help individuals (and teams) to gain more of the feedback and to gain it more efficiently. A tool like this could be useful for anyone hosting a beta or people doing research or open source work, e.g…

I would like to:
(1) get feedback on this idea:
Is it a useful application for GTP-3? Does something like this already exists (and i overlooked it)? …
(2) find a teammate for building this tool

Thank you

*This post war partially created by davinci :slight_smile:

Show of concept Playground, davincy engine:
Make a list of topics of following thread:"

Anna: One thing I’d love to see is circular rooms (not sure the AI is built to handle that but it would be awesome.)
Sandra: not sure if that would work since its based on the grid system
Tina: they are labeled now as magic books
shapesandlines: Yes, sorry was suggesting beta support or known issues. But it feels more like appropriate for beta support
Steffen: fixed
Will: Void ground tiles would be a really helpful addition (to allow chasms and the like)
David: any idea when Steam Workshop integration would be feasible ? That would make sharing and searching for community created maps so much easier and organized."
Anna: I would like to have carpets.
Gabi: It would be nice to have round or circular rooms.
Miriam: I want to combine rooms.
Kai: Scaling of objects bevore you place then should be an option
Donata: I dont knoe if its mentions already but i want to make circular rooms
Torsten: It would be important to add diffrent floore tiles

List of 8 topics (no repetitions):
1) Circular Rooms
2) Void ground tiles
3) Steam workshop integration
4) Carpets
5) Scaling of objects
6) Rooms merging
7) Adding different floor tiles

Bold is the promt, regular the completion

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I read about a company that used GPT-3 to create an executive summary for thousands of feedback messages from customers. No idea which company it was but yeah, it’s already been done. That’s sort of a low-hanging fruit use case since summarization is one of the major tests for NLP and NLU right now. GPT-3 is capable of so much more so I would focus on harder problems that require more creativity.

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Thanks for the feedback on this so far.

It wasnt like i thought this is a big shot. More like something worthwile to get a start on working with gtp-3, which also has a usefullness to it.
I was hoping it is a managble project i can handle with no real experience in working with gtp-3 or similar stuff.

I am also not concerned about what its paying in the end. I would more like to learn and explore. In my experience i can better learn if the project has a usefull application, and may it be small.

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In that case, yeah it would be a great project to gain experience. You could take it one step further and make a finetune dataset for summarization and topic extraction. That would be very valuable because then other people can use your training dataset and you can publish it on Kaggle or something with your name attached to it.

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