[OCT 30]Feature request For OpenAI Community

Feature Requests: Private Reply Delete, Improved Response Summarization, and Text-to-Speech:

  1. Private Reply Delete:
  • It would be great to have the ability to delete private replies in our conversations. currently feature is like what’sapp that tell “author deleted the post.”
  1. Improved Response Summarization:
  • Many times, there’s a need to summarize lengthy responses. I’am aware that a summarization feature exists, but it’s limited to longer conversations.I suggest making it available for shorter exchanges, as it can be really handy when you want to condense information.
  1. Text-to-Speech: AI Read for Me:
  • How about a text-to-speech feature? This would enable the AI to read out text responses, for those like me who prefer listening instead of reading.
  1. Do not notify where AI respond:
  • It can be quite frustrating to receive an excessive number of notifications from posts seeking ChatGPT.

Hey mate!

Great suggestions! I’ve moved your post over to the Forum feedback category so there’s a bigger chance the right people will see it :laughing:

About this:

There’s a tab in your forum preferences called “tracking”, you can use that mute stuff you don’t want to get notifications from, here’s how mine looks:

Hope that helps :heart:

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Yes @N2U I can disable notifications by tracking, but we can’t mute the system bot using that method. The feature request is for that.

It’s unclear what you’re trying to express, @isalehalgarni.

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Oh I see,
Thanks for bringing this to our attention, that’s definitely not supposed to happen :sweat_smile:


While the development of the Discourse AI summarization feature is still somewhat beta; it is still being refined with more feedback.

AFAIK the length restriction was removed and only one reply is needed before it can be used.

What you might be noticing is that certain users have the privilege to use it. As it does cost real money, it is restricted to who can use it.

So when you do see the summarizations, they were created by users with the privilege.

You could always flag a topic and ask for a summary at the point and a moderator may grant the request. As one of the moderators I would be very judicial on which ones get a summary as this could quickly get out of hand and not something I want to spend my days managing. Remember that a declined flag will count against you.

Care to give screenshots of a few examples.

Discourse has a few different built-in bots and while this site does not use any of the plugin bots that can make it more confusing, so screenshots would help as I can only guess what that means.

I think we are going to need to create a “fake” bot account here @EricGT to work around this. We can then amend the automation rule to reply as “Automation Bot” or something like that and then people can mute it.

An advantage here as well is that all these replies will be tied to this specific user and not fill up the system users space…

Our notification system still notifies on topics that are “not visible” and if you are already watching/tracking from post #1 then this pops up. You can’t mute system by design.

Will go ahead and wire this up…


Ok this is done now.

Please go ahead and mute @gpt-4-triage , this bot will reply to these topics from no on.


Hi, guys. It would be great if you could show us how many of our 50 queries per 3 hours we had used up! Also, if we thank ChatGPT (yeah, I know, I do it), does that count in our 50? Cheers and many thanks!

This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

Could we expect a feature for privately deleting posts in the Discourse forums in the near future?

Specifically in OpenAI, Unity, Unreal forums

Delete has been supported for a very long time, can you expand here? We block deleting very old content out of the box cause it can be used for griefing, but there are setting to control this

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This delete seems like a upgraded WhatsApp. It even shows someone deleted message :laughing: .

delete within 5 Minutes will be still okay.

This is by design, the stub will be removed later, the feature is there to avoid abuse

Without it end users can misbehave quite badly and fly under the radar


Good design, end users can be very naughty.

If you don’t mind me asking, why have reactions been removed?
I saw the badge that no one’s ever received, I want it :drooling_face:

I believe the Reaction feature has been removed/unenabled by the OpenAI. I’ve noticed that the Unity 3D forum still has emoji reactions available, so this is not related to discourse.

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I don’t think they removed, it’s a feature OpenAI can enable if they wish, recommend you open a dedicated topic in Forum feedback if you would like reactions enabled here.

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Interesting, we’ll see if they’re open to it, thank you!

Love the platform and your Mii Avatar

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