Discourse forum applications: Topic summarisation and ... a Chatbot

So I’ve written a plugin for the Discourse forum platform (the same that serves this community) to summarise Topics (like this one) using an Open AI model via the official API and one of the popular Ruby API libraries (thanks guys!)

By default it uses text-davinci-003, but you can choose the model.

This is very experimental but seems stable after a couple of days trialling it.

The results are surprisingly good so far, and occasionally sublime!

However, whilst it often returns relevant, syntactically correct and convincing summaries, it is prone to factual inaccuracies that can be highly misleading and impair its usefulness. So much potential here though!

Note due to API token limits, it will only cover up to about ~40 Posts (less for less capable models), but that’s pretty good already imho and definitely usable. There is a minimum threshold setting to ensure a summary is not sought until you have a decent enough amount of material.

There’s a downvoting button & mechanic to allow the community to force the system to make another request and various quality of life settings.

Of course if you want to try it out you will need to add this plugin to a Discourse forum instance, although these can be run locally.

If you have any suggestions for how to improve this I’m all ears!

The official discussion topic for this plugin is here


I’ve just released another Plugin for Discourse that allows you to chat with GPT3 in Posts and in Discourse Chat giving a text only but interactive experience, much like ChatGPT but within Discourse natively:

I’ve added support for the ChatGPT model, though I’m still (!!) waiting to be granted GPT4 access so I can implement, test and release GPT4 access (come on guys this is a really popular plugin and I’m a developer!)

The ‘official’ discussion topic for this plugin is here: Discourse Chatbot 🤖 (supporting ChatGPT) - plugin - Discourse Meta


thanks @merefield , I tested your bot on our testing forum. It works great!
It seems that the model does not know its model name :grinning:! We will test more and let you know some feedbacks. is there anyway to let people to configure the different chatbot float icon? thanks

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Apologies for the extremely slow response. I normally watch the meta topic only.

You can replace the robot icon using the native JavaScript API in Discourse with only a Theme Component. See: Change icons globally using the APIs - admins - Discourse Meta

I added auto-tagging to my Summary plugin so the bot will automatically tag your Topics!