- Quickly summarize web articles with OpenAI

Hi all, something we’re exploring is web article summarization with OpenAI. We’ve put up an experimental page where you can try this out with existing web articles.

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This is a great tool. I see it even works with articles that have a paywall!

I’m not sure if this is a bug or a feature… but it’s awesome nonetheless.

Thank you!

As for it working on articles with paywalls, that must be on sites with soft paywalls. We don’t really do anything to bypass paywalls, but usually the absense of cookies in a request is enough for some sites to respond like you’re a first-time visitor and send the full content. I don’t think it’d work on sites that enforce a hard paywall. :slight_smile:

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I did a few more tests and found that you’re correct. It only bypasses soft paywalls.

Still very cool!

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This is amazing! What are you plans for the future of this project?

Thanks Rob! Current plan is to create a browser extension to make it easier to use as you’re browsing around. Also language/translation options. But we’re open to feedback from users too.