Images in chat make link creation fail

“Failed to copy link to clipboard - could not create link”

I also cannot see where to download all chats, anymore.


I am having the same issue.

The api responds with “Sharing conversations with images is not yet supported”

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I had the same issue with exactky the same message. I couldn’t fix it.

exact same problem; “Failed to copy link to clipboard - could not create link”

yeah me too

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Same here. When I pop the hood, I see the api request fails with a 403 and returns this response payload:

    "detail": {
        "description": "Sharing conversations with images is not yet supported",
        "reason": "unauthorized"

Same here. Do we have any solution now?

Exactly the same issue. Is it being addressed?

@esetnik Are API endpoints related to web interface documented or otherwise exposed? Or are you relying on inspection tools, etc.?

Same here. Please fix. Can not share my results.

Chiming in. Same problem. @OpenAl …?

this is happening to me too, on a business account that I pay for @OpenAl this is unacceptable

The 403 is especially frustrating because some chats will have images uploaded unintentionally, and are then unable to be shared. For instance, copying and pasting from a word document on OSX will result in an image upload (as well as pasting the text), after which sharing is permanently disabled for a chat.

I am experiencing the same issue when trying to share a chat with images.