I'm getting error gpt-4-0613 does not exist. I'm confused

I’m getting error gpt-4-0613 does not exist. Does it exist or does it not?

Exception(‘OpenAI API call failed: The model: gpt-4-0613 does not exist’)

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You need to be approved for GPT-4 access. Have you received a notification from OpenAI that you have access? Otherwise you need to apply to waitlist (and likely wait several weeks).


been waiting for months, Goodluck!

Does the model gpt-4-0613 publicly available now?

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If you have paid, from your registered payment method, one or more bills for the OpenAI API calls you have made, then you should have GPT-4 API access, if you have not, you will get it by the end of the month, please note that this does not include paying for ChatGPT Plus.


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I suggest reading the new update from openai talking about general availability of gpt-4 api access, it was posted 2 days ago and it is the latest on the topic.

I have the same issue. It says that we should have had access by July 7 (I sent a receipt and invoice showing a successful payment in May), but it seems that is not actually correct for many people.

Today all existing API developers with a history of successful payments can access the GPT-4 API with 8K context. We plan to open up access to new developers by the end of this month, and then start raising rate-limits after that depending on compute availability.

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Hey @jgalvin we should have been more precise in that wording, it’s all devs who have spent more than $1. I checked your account and it looks like that is the reason you were not granted access yet. Sorry for the confusion, I will have the team update the blog post to make it more clear.

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Hey! I paid $7 and I dont have access to GPT 4? Please help me.

Hi @logankilpatrick I have the same issue. Could you please provide more details about the statement ‘it’s all devs who have spent more than $1.’? My account belongs to an organization, does this mean that the organization payment of more than $1 is not sufficient and that the usage per member must exceed $1?

Hi @logankilpatrick, thanks for helping everyone with this. I am also having the same issue - we had an invoice clear for over $1 dated June 30, but still get the “does not exist” error for gpt-4 and its compatriots. Could you provide a little more information on what next steps we can take to get GPT-4 unlocked? Thank you!

Hi, @logankilpatrick , I have the same issue.
My account has already been charged around 50 dollars, but I still can’t use GPT-4.
Thank you!

I have the same issue for my account, and I don’t have any models for gpt4, I already paid bills twice!

Hi! I also struggle with this issue and unfortunately have to finish my project till August and can’t wait till August to receive OpenAI 4 model allowance. How can we speed up this process(everything is connected already)

I paid over $7 on August 1. However, I still got the error of “The model gpt-4 does not exist or you do not have access to it. Learn more: How can I access GPT-4? | OpenAI Help Center”. Can you help me out?

Same issue here, I have already been billed for API usage but I don’t have access yet to gpt-4 yet. @logankilpatrick please help!

Same issue here. I am getting the error:
Error: Request failed with status code 404

Is there a way to get a list of the models our account have access to?

It looks like I have not paid > $1 and have only paid $0.42. $1 is a way off as still testing is there a way to deposit credit to get over $1?

@logankilpatrick Any suggestions?

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Error 404 is page not found, this would tend to indicate you are attempting to reach the wrong website or endpoint.

There is no mechanism I am aware of that will allow you to credit to your account to archive a bill of $1, also the $1 bill announcement was for developers who generated an API bill of more than $1 prior to July 6th, after that date if will not make any difference. New developers are being added as capacity and load permits.

Thanks for the response.
Ok I guess I’ll just wait and keep checking the playground to see if I have gpt-4 yet.

My api call works currently with gpt-3.5-0613 but as soon as I change it to gpt-4-0613 I get a 404.

If you setup your account with a mobile phone you can create a second account that is linked to that same phone number. When you setup a new account now you will have an option in Billing to start pre-payment. Here you can pre-pay $5 or more.

Having said that, while this theoretically means you should then get gpt-4 API access, this does not seem to happen automatically after a pre-payment amount has been added to the account.