I want to do the pay as I go option but it doesn't let me?

It keeps doing that in that image up above and not letting me actually do the pay as I go option which is what I want… What do I do? Also it keeps saying “You’re making too many requests, please slow down.” even after waiting hours… What do I do?

That IS pay as you go, just pay something in. What is it you are hoping to see?

Oh, so say if I pay this amount, right? Will it do the whole thing where like at the end of the month I have to pay a certain amount depending on my usage? That’s what I meant by that.

The standard pay as you go system which is billed monthly will be an option if you have filled out all of your billing details and everything matches up, i.e. card addresses and phone numbers etc.

At the moment the method for transitioning from a pre pay to a pay as you go has not been fully confirmed, but I have received anecdotal reports that some have been able to change over after a few days.

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Yeah, that’s known as monthly billing, I moved away from it to this to get GPT4 access. Just put the minimum in and see how you get on, you can add more any time and it won’t let you run up an expected big bill!

Alright, fair enough… Another thing the thing I mentioned before - when does it go away? “You’re making too many requests, please slow down.” - this. I have been waiting for hours and it still keeps saying this…

this is an image of what it looks like

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It can take a few hours for the payment to take effect, please give it time.

I havent able to make the payment because of this… That’s what I meant - but yea I’ll wait longer and see what happens.

I’m having the same issue. I’m like “OpenAI, take my money!” and the site responds with “You’re making too many requests, please slow down.” whenever I fill out my CC information. I’ve done it 3 times, on two different browsers now. Seems as if someone let chat GPT3 build the payment integration.

The error message to “slow down” is likely from their payment processor API, or cute language they put there that should not be user-facing. Many have gotten it; either OpenAI has a rate limit or daily limit with their merchant service that is regularly hit.

It looks like from the informative screenshot the minimum payment and balance is increased to $100 from $50, and OpenAI also got the auto-refill going (if it can be selected).

[and the language in the user interface should have been “re-charge my card” (as in charge my card again) not recharge like “recharge my battery”]