I want to be able to pay my usage anytime I want

Hello everyone. I am an app developer and using API in my ChatBot app.

I have requested limit raise multiple times, never got a response.

I have a request from ChatGPT. I want to pay my monthly limit anytime I want, so I won’t reach my usage limit. Because of this monthly limit problem, even if I’m ready to pay, I have to wait for the monthly billing.

Let’s say have a threshold system like Google Ads or Bing Ads.

If you reach your limit, charge from my card and reset my usage.

If you don’t reach your limit, charge from my card at the end of the month.

Please up this if you agree with me, let’s remove this payment problem ChatGPT.

We want to pay anytime we want and reset our limit usage anytime we want!

You need to use the link on the usage limit page that fills in your organization ID.

State clearly your company name, app usage, user base etc.
Do not request more than the next tier available that your usage shows you might be considered for, such as $120->$400.

You can completely cancel your payment plan, removing all payment cards, and then be stuck buying prepay credits in a new system when you re-enroll.

Thank you so much for your comment and explanation.

Just checked it, do you think the automatic charges when my balance goes down below 50 would work?

Because I will have a high userbase in a couple days, I don’t want to have a problem with API access block

You might want to start a new account exclusively for the use of pre-pay credits, so you can ensure it is operating and topped up before transitioning your application to that account by changing your server’s API keys for your service. Thus no downtime.

The auto-recharge has thresholds you can set like “fill back to $100 if below $40”, a good precaution to leave some margin if the recharge payment takes time to clear.

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Digital Ocean had a model payment plan with prepayments it is very useful, I would expect the same from OpenAI