I used to be able to save chat, but now I can't

Same same, hoping its only temporary, but still concerning

Same here, I hope they’ll fix it as soon as possible.

same here , all chats are gone and it’s not saving any i’m making now.

Are they fixing or its new update?

Are they fixing or its new update?

Confirming this is happening to me, I had all the saved Chat history appearing, the page refreshed and then it was gone. Now each Chat does not get saved, and cannot be accessed, assume this is a bug?

Same here.
But the history is not lost, try to retrieve it from chrome history, under journey, find the link to your original chat.
Hope the problem be fixed soon.

Tried that, but not every chat has a specific thread that is visibile/readable in Chrome history it seems

Good news! The history is back, check it.


Yes It’s back. All history back including chat’s made during malfunction.

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Still, empty on my side. It shows “Unable to load history”

Still Not Find History .
Is there any bug in update ?
I lost my all information

I also encountered the same problem but it seems that the conversations is not being displayed but the history is not deleted as i can enter the chat id and see the chat. Anyone have a solution?

im having the same problem till now its been 12 hours for me since this happend

same, its broken they need to fix it asap… Its scary having a conversation that I can’t reference back to, now I have to save everything to a word doc … Sucks…

The solution is easy . go to your chatGBT window and logout then log back in and Voila everything is back and you will see all your previous chats even the ones that you thought they were deleted, you will see them all back. enjoy and have fun :smile:

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Yes, thank you. Logout and login again works.

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I’m happy to hear that !! that’s awesome blossom :+1:t4:

I am still having this issue, log out/in did not work

Same here - login/logout didnt help still not working.