I think I have an unlimited API Key

Hi Open AI team,

I’m having an API key that I believe it’s mine. But I can’t find it on my account settings anymore. And somehow I’m able to call to OpenAI().chat.completions endpoint unlimited times. I was able to make a lot of request and I immediately sent an email to OpenAI team about this ( 4 months ago) but seems like no one cares

I’m not sure if it’s an internal bug, or do own that key, or I get it from anyone, but again, I believe it’s mine because I don’t remember getting it from anyone else, also OpenAI also has a mechanism to prevent key leak, right?

I just remember it now and I think maybe I can hear some response from OpenAI team here.

free tokens I guess lol, why did u care so much

What do you mean by free tokens? I thought we can only call API a limit of times per day/month with a free tier?

Also I’m using a key that not in my API list, how can I not care ? What if anyone else are paying for that ?

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It’s great to see that you care!
While I don’t know if and when you will receive a reply from OpenAI there is something you can do immediately and that is not using the key.
You can simply create a new one in your account and refrain yourself from using the other one.


Hope this helps!

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