I paid $60 but my account is still tier1

how can i be tier2? and why this thing keep happening? there are many people who have same problem with me. makes some action for us open AI😡!


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There’s other requirements besides payment…

See more on OpenAI API Usage Tiers


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thanks to you, i successfully become tier2. thanks for precise advice

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请问 我这样充的话还要等多久啊,距离第一次充值已经过了很多天了

Your first payment was made 05-29 (MM-DD). That is less than seven days ago.

Your tier will only be recalculated to tier 2 or tier 3 when a payment is made after the initial payment is over 7 days ago.

When you wait to make another payment on 6-6 or after, of any amount, you should receive the initial tier increase. If the payment brings the total you have paid to OpenAI over $100, it should be an upgrade to tier-3.

AI: 您的第一次付款是在05月29日(MM-DD)。这还不到七天前。



Since i first payment, it’s been 8days, but thank you for your advice, i will make a payment later, and try again :smiley:

First payment: 5-29 = Wednesday
Most recent payment: 6-4 = Tuesday

The most recent payment would not have upgraded the account.

The recalculation is only done when sending more money.