I never subscribed to Chat GPT but they charge me TWICE

Last week I got charged by Chat GPT twice while I never subscribed anything. My Chat GPT account is on the free plan so I can’t cancel anything.
I wonder how can chat GPT steal my credit card information without my concern?
The costs were charged through my credit card with 3 digit confirmation code.

How can I cancel the subscription while my account is still in free plan?
How can I check what account associated with the charged?

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i got this too, was charged for about 10 times totalling 400 bucks. and yet theres no reply or update from them after i’ve msged and emailed them.

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Did the amount get deducted from Your bank account?

mine got deducted from bank acc. still no update from them

Please check your platform (open the account and click on the link):
https://platform.openai.com/account/usageOpenAI API

The “free” account is an $18 credit valid for 3 to 6 months, depending on when the account was opened - a “free” account gives access to ChatGPT, an API key, and a limited number of tokens per month in completion models.

For those who only use ChatGPT, the credit is practically not consumed - it rarely reaches 5 cents a month, even with reduced use of tokens in the Playground, for example. However, there is a deadline for the credit.

Until mid-March 2023, opening a “free” account did not require a credit card or bank account - I don’t know after this date.

If you entered bank or credit card details when opening the “free” account, you have demonstrated your intention to continue the account as a paid subscription after the $18 credit expires. Then check the status of your account on your platform.

If you have not entered any bank or credit card data, the charge may also come in your phone bill, the number you provided when opening the “free” account. But if this is not the case, and OpenAI does not have access to your bank details, consider the possibility of a scam - you should check with the bank.

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Yes it is deducted from my bank account + the charge for foreign currency (USD to EUR)

Diy you try to contact your bank? I did mine and they gave back all the money already. And chat GPT? NOPE. They still not reply that!

Yes I check that you. And I know those two are different things. I check every possibility.
Again Open AI API : In order to use the OpenAI API, you need to set up a paid account.

I still need to set up an account with my billing etc.

I contacted my bank and block all foreign transacstion. They gave back all the money including extra foreign exchange rates. But it stills bothers me what if this happens again? And I want to know who is using my card and what account benefits from that.

Depends on the account:
A “free” (credit) account opened until February 2023 can also use the OpenAI API, but with a certain token limitation - a few months ago the limitation was 1K to 2K tokens per month.
A (real) free account opened from March 2023 - only has access to ChatGPT: In order to use the OpenAI API, you need to set up a paid account.

Since March, things have changed a lot, and I expect more changes to come. If you didn’t enter your bank details to use the API, it seems like a scam. I don’t usually have these problems because I don’t do a lot of Internet credit/banking transactions such as this. However, recently an old forgotten Twitter account of mine was hacked. There are some security issues.

I also got charged last week at least from what I noticed. I have never given any bank details or payment methods to Chat GPT, my account does not show subscription to Plus as I never did, the link that @AlexDeM sent shows that I never was invoiced, yet my bank account clearly shows I did.

I got charged too on 25 Apr. However, I checked my account, there were no billings or invoices. My account is still in free mode, and I have never submitted my payment details.

still not a single reply from them!!! holy hell man.
how do we take action against them??

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@logankilpatrick can you please help with this?
please assist,

The same situation. Shame on OpenAI. I got my credit card charged twice without my intention. Never responded

I also haven’t get any response from Chat GPT. I am so scare that it will happen again that my bank actually issued me the new card :frowning:

I am just lucky that my proceds it so fast even though the case is still open. It means thag chat GPT can actually take action against my action.

If I never actually put my bank details and chat gpt charged me, there are only 2 reasons :

  1. They stole my data connected to the email I used for chat gpt. That email has my credit/debit info since it connects with google pay and so.
  2. Someone stole my credit card info.

So guys, I suggest you to contact your bank and block further charged and take action to retreive the money back with all the proof.

I am not an OpenAI staff member. In my opinion, they are reliable on these matters - they have their security issues alright about data privacy - the main reason why Italy banned ChatGPT (now the ban is over).
OpenAI is under scrutiny by the US Department of Defense and other national security organizations. So, I stay with your second reason:

You can contact OpenAI on these matters via the chat widget at the bottom (right or left) of your screen, select Billing, then Other, then Fraud or suspicious activity.

If you’re an OpenAI API user and think your API key might have been leaked, please rotate your API key immediately in your API key settings.

More details on: How can I report fraud or suspicious activity?

me too, i’ve cancelled the prev card, chatgpt team is so unreliable. not a single acknowledgement or reply from them at all up to now

Any ideas on how to sue them collectively?
I would add my case with big pleasure to the court. This kind of project with 0 responsibility, 0 support deserves to be punished

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This is not helping. Their support is bullshit. They never reply for weeks

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I was charged twice on the same day for the chatgpt pro version but I NEVER signed up for it, NEVER provided any banking information whatsoever. These funds were stolen from my account and I have no idea how they obtained my banking information in the first place!