I never subscribed to Chat GPT but they charge me TWICE

contact ur bank immediately for refund. my bank helped to refund. i’ve waited so long for chatgpt to reply, and they finally replied after so long JUST TO TELL ME THEY DONT KNOW ABOUT THE CHARGING ISSUE. WTF


Do you have updates on this? My card got charged also. this is VERY ANNOYING!

just contact your bank to reverse the payment. chatgpt cust support is useless.

If you left your credit card somewhere, and someone used it to buy $100 of groceries at the supermarket, where would you direct your blame? Threatening a lawsuit is just letting the true culprit not only get away, but laugh.

Just to clarify. OpenAI is not doing this. I mean come on people, how can you never enter your credit card details into any OpenAI service, get charged somehow, and still think that it’s OpenAI/ChatGPT doing this?

Could it be more plausible that your card(s) were stolen and are being used for common services?

I also just found out chatgpt charged my account 20 USD for subscription which I NEVER signed up for and never gave any credit card information. I have no idea how they got my info also because my email address is not connected to my bank account or even uses the same name as on my debit card. Wtf? I’m calling the bank now to block this subscription and issue a refund. This is very worrisome.

Hi guys, I also have been charged by $20 four times = $80.
But I don’t have any subscription.
I have api key and use it ONCE at Figma plugin FigGPT and that’s it
Someone solved this problem?

I also got charged - I didn;t even start using - just entered by card info and they charged me 5$ - luckily I set this limit.

I can’t even find out how to contact customer support. Is. there an email?

I have been charged for 5 months. I am on the free pland and have not upgraded to Plus.

Do you use the API? That will also charge you for use.

Yea, that is what it was from the api. I had signed up, but never used. Some must have got ahold of the api key & secret. I created a new secret and deleted the old.
They charged up about $80 of usage in the past 5 months. I used the chat feature in the lower right and let them know this wasnt me. The credited back the money. In the account today :). Good customer service. Think I will delete the api account though.

I have been charged 4 months ina row, from my credit card and I have never subscribed to their services. I have never received any invoice or notification.