I need help with JPT3, umm... please?

Hello everyone. I hope this will not be considered a flood on the forum, but I clearly need help.

The problem is this - I found out about the possibility of simply going to the site and registering to get access to the sandbox with text AI. Even on the website it was written that everyone can try the algorithm personally for free, for a while.

However, there is a nuance. I found that in the country in which I am located for now, I do not have the opportunity to make an account. I tried to log in using a Google profile, but it didn’t work either. Deciding that there was nothing wrong with this, I used VPN.

I finaly managed to go to the site and look around. But I can’t try to interact with AI because I have 0 on my balance. As far as I understand, everyone is supposed to get free tokens. I wrote to tech support almost two days ago, the automation in the chat informed me that they would respond within a day. But I’m worried that I just might not get an answer because I used VPN. Am I right in understanding that this is the problem? Or else… I’m just anxious and really want to try playing with AI. Unfortunately, I don’t have any extra funds to just buy tokens. And again, I guess, it probably won’t succeed.

I apologize for this whining. I hope this thread is not too inappropriate for the forum.
Thanks for attention.