SEO CORE AI ( formerly SEO GPT) Plugin Approved

Hey fellow engineers,

We’ve created our first ChatGPT plugin, called SEO GPT, and want to share our experience with you. We developed SEO GPT separately with different purposes using OpenAI’s APIs and also this new ChatGPT Plugin Alpha and found some interesting things. They really work differently and make us think of the user experience in different ways.

  1. ChatGPT plugin development makes us think more about how to provide data that is useful for ChatGPT to identify the information it needs quickly. It’s like how to build the best tool garage for ChatGPT to use whenever it needs something. We don’t know exactly how each tool will be used, we just provide the capabilities of the tools. For example, we didn’t expect ChatGPT to invoke the plugin multiple times in a single response!
  2. OpenAI’s APIs are great for when you have a fixed workflow or a closed-loop environment whereby you have specific boundaries. It’s more like building the car knowing that’s what you want.

In our case, the version of SEO GPT that uses the API was turned into developing many forms of short content needed by our industry. Every time a new content type is needed, we have to manually modify it. Whereas the SEO GPT Plugin for ChatGPT makes us think of how to provide pre-refined analysis and data that ChatGPT can rely on. But once developed, we find ourselves thinking more of new creative ways to use it.

I hope at some point the experiences from both will cross over and can eventually help us to enhance the development of both.

Follow the reddit post on our plugin deveopment here:


Congrats. I shared it to my subreddit. Good luck.

SEO CORE AI (formerly SEO GPT) has been approved! I’ve renamed the title of this thread instead of creating a new one so that we’ll keep all the information organized in one place.

The new name also makes more sense since the plugin was directly adapted from the same CORE AI technology we’ve developed in the last 7 years for our CORE AI dashboard. Seeing how ChatGPT adapts and selects the analytics data (even multiple times in one prompt) has been one of the most interesting things we have ever seen.

Thank you all for your feedback and support. We love the AI analytics aspects of data. We’re going to continue to improve on this plugin and make it even better. The plugin is free to use. We’re excited to see how people will prompt it.

Here are some examples prompts to help anyone get started if you want to try the plugin:

Analyze for the keyword “generative ai”

Compare the SEO of to the top ranked sites for “generative ai”

Compare the Title Tags of to “What is generative AI? | IBM Research Blog

Analyze Critical SEO Factors and let me know if it has any issues being blocked in search engines

Compare the SEO for Clinics in Las Vegas | Intermountain Health and

compare the body content between Clinics in Las Vegas | Intermountain Health and

Compare the content in detail from Dog Training 101: How to Completely Train Your Dog and Dog Training: How to Train a Dog & Dog Obedience Training Which is better at SEO?



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I’ve seen your plugin in the store. I confess, I’ve been hesitant to use it based solely on the short description. But, now that I’ve read through some of your posts, I am a lot more excited to try it.

It would be GREAT if you could provide more information in the store, like a short link to more information or something. There are already so many SEO plugins.

I’ve been curious to learn where do you instruct ChatGPT to get its keyword data?

Hey thanks for your input. Let me see how we can add a link to the store if that’s possible.

We’re in the middle of creating a guide with prompts on how to get the most out of the SEO CORE AI plugin. We will post it here once it’s done.

One tip is to try asking questions naturally about SEO specifically for a website or keywords or both and just keep the plug-in turned on. Let ChatGPT decide if it needs to use the plug-in to answer your question.

In the meantime, here was the initial intro guide:


This is great for SEO. Can I rank my website from this SEO GPT plugin? if yes, please tell me how to rank easily with this plugin.

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